What is the solar system?

What is the solar system?

Posted by Hacker News on Monday, March 11, 2020 Solar system drawing: A solar system is a collection of planets, moons, stars, galaxies, and other bodies orbiting the sun. 

The Sun is the center of our solar system.

Solar System Size Comparison: The solar system consists of: 1.

The Sun: the mass of the Sun 1,000 times larger than the Earth.


The Moon: the size of the Earth and half of the Moon.


The asteroids: the largest and most distant objects in our solar System.


The Asteroids: asteroids that have not yet been discovered.


The Ganymede Planets: moons of the four Galilean moons that orbit the Sun.


The Giant Magellanic Cloud: a collection in the center and outermost part of the solar System that contains the most massive objects in the solar neighborhood.


The Solar System: our solar neighborhood, consisting of a very hot, dense, and dense gas cloud.


The Earth: the Earth is our home.


The sun: the center in which all the stars and planets in our Solar System shine.10.

The stars: the light from the stars that are the stars of our Solar system.11.

The Universe: the vast, complex universe we live in. 12.

The Big Bang: the moment that the universe was born.


The Creation of the universe: the event that took place when the universe began.


The Fall of the sun: The moment when the sun was destroyed by the force of the great explosion known as the Big Bang.15. 

Asteroids: the bodies that orbit our Sun, and their moons, including Europa, Enceladus, and Callisto.


Stars: the brightest objects in this solar system and in our galaxy.


Mercury: the red planet of the inner Solar System.18. 

Neptune: the smallest planet in the Solar System, and its largest moon.


Mars: the second largest planet in our Galaxy, after Jupiter.


Venus: the third largest planet, and the most distant from our Sun.21. 

Ganymedes: a ring of icy objects that orbits the Sun, with a diameter of roughly 300,000 miles (500,000 kilometers).


Cassini: the spacecraft that made the first-ever orbit of Jupiter in 1994.


Jupiter: the planet that was discovered as an icy planet by Cassini in 1986.


Saturn: the gas giant that is Saturn.25. 

Earth: the most Earth-like planet in Earth’s Solar System with a surface temperature of just 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit (700 degrees Celsius).26. 

Moons: the icy bodies orbiting Saturn and its moons.


Sun: the radiant energy of the entire Sun, produced by the sun’s energy from its core.


Oceans: the oceans of our planet, formed by the expansion of the water oceans in the core of the planet.


Gas giants: the giant planets that are larger than Jupiter.30. 

Antarctica: the landmass of the Antarctic continent.31. 

Comets: the debris left over from the formation of the planets, and from the collision of planets.


Deep Space: the space between the stars.


Planets: the planets that orbit around our Sun and our nearest star.


Small Worlds: the worlds beyond our Solar Region.


Infernals: the invisible worlds that orbit distant stars and the galaxies in the Milky Way.


Planes: the particles of gas, dust, and water in the interstellar medium.


Birds: the birds that fly on the planets.

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