How to build a solar system for kids

How to build a solar system for kids

Solar System Modeling for Kids is a free online app created by The Solar System Models for Kids team that helps you build a realistic solar system that kids can interact with.

The Solar Modeling and Development Team (SMDT) is a small team of experienced artists, animators, designers, musicians, and developers working in partnership with The Planetary Society, Inc. The SMDTs goal is to give children an experience with the solar system they never had, and to show them that they can be creative in their own ways with their own ideas and ideas for how they might want to use the solar systems assets.

The Solar Modelers team also hosts a weekly livestream on Youtube called Solar Modeler’s Weekly Live, where they have been doing the work of building a solar-powered version of Star Wars: Episode I. Solar Modeler also hosts Solar Model Workshop and other solar-inspired events. 

Solar modeler’s live stream is hosted on The Planetary Project’s Youtube channel.

Solar Model’s weekly live stream, with over 1,500 views, is the most popular of Solar Modeles weekly livestreams, with almost 3,000 views in the past year.

 Solar Modelers live stream video has garnered a large audience.

For a brief time in April 2017, the Solar Model was featured in a promotional video by the Planetary Society.

During this period, the team has worked hard to raise the funds necessary to fund the production of a solar model, which will eventually be published as a book.

In June 2018, Solar Modeled was featured on a panel at the Planetary Summit in Washington, D.C. We are currently in the process of obtaining a patent for the design, construction, and publication of the solar model.

SolarModelers team is a team of professional artists and animators working together to create a solar based 3D model of the Solar System.

Solar modelers work closely with The Solar Society to produce the SolarModel book, and we look forward to working with the Planetary society as they continue to work towards their goal of promoting a better future for all of us.

Please support Solar Model by donating to the Solar Models Fund on Kickstarter.

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