The solar system project that will reshape the planet

The solar system project that will reshape the planet

The U.S. government has awarded $5.3 billion to a Russian firm to build the world’s first solar system.

The United States’ first solar-powered world-class research and development center in Florida will be the largest and most complex solar system-based project ever built.

It is also a symbol of the U.N. mission to build a world-wide network of solar power, which it says will revolutionize the global economy and create jobs.

The U:s Solar System Project was announced Friday.

Its mission is to accelerate the development of the technology and the deployment of solar-power generation on a global scale.

The $5 billion award is part of a larger U. S. government commitment of more than $2 billion to build and operate the world-first facility.

It was awarded to, a Russian-based company, on behalf of the United States.

The award, part of the $50 billion National Space Science and Technology Infrastructure program, is for work on the $2.2 billion SolarSystem project.

The project, which is being built in Florida, is being called the largest solar system science and technology development center ever built in the world, which would be equivalent to the University of Alabama’s Solar System Center in Alabama.

The new facility is expected to generate a quarter of the electricity that the University’s solar power generating station, located in Huntsville, does.

The SolarSystem Project is a joint venture between the Russian Federal Space Agency, Roscosmos, and U.A.E. Solar Systems, a subsidiary of state-owned Russian solar company SolarWorld.

The $5 million award was made to Solar Systems for the SolarSystem solar system research and technology center in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

SolarSystems is building the project on the site of the former SolarWorld facility in Tampico, Florida, which has been closed since the early 1990s because of the ongoing nuclear accident in Fukushima, Japan.

The facility is located at the site where solar panels were used to power the solar power plants in Fukushima during the 1986 accident.

The U.s.

Department of Energy awarded a $521 million grant to the Russian government in April for the development and construction of a large solar power plant.

It was one of three DOE awards in May for a $1.8 billion program to develop a large-scale solar energy system.

Solar systems have long been an option for developing large-area solar power systems.

The largest solar power project in the U:d space program, the International Space Station, began in 1998 and is scheduled to be finished by 2024.

In addition to the solar-energy power plants, the space station is also home to a solar panel research center and an experimental solar power facility.NASA has been pursuing a small-scale demonstration of solar energy in the past.

In 2007, it proposed a solar power system that would generate enough electricity to power two houses for an entire week.

The SolarPower 3 solar system is the only one of its kind, and NASA hopes it will become a permanent feature of the space program.

In a statement Friday, the National Space Council said the Solar System Program will lead to the development, deployment and utilization of a range of technology-intensive, commercial technologies, and to the adoption of a new generation of solar technologies.

The solar-system project is one of two solar-research and development centers to receive NASA support under the National Science Foundation’s Space Technology Mission Directorate.

The other center is the Solar Power Development Center.

The other solar-tech program is the U :s Solar Systems Advanced Research and Development Center, which received $1 billion in NASA grants to develop technology to power satellites and other space systems.

The Department of Defense has awarded two research and design awards for the $4.8 million SolarPower3.

The Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, the Defense Department’s energy program, awarded $4 million to the company.

The money will support work to design and build the first solar power station on a U. s soil site in Georgia.

The solar power power facility is to be constructed at a solar park in South Carolina, and will be operated by SolarPower for a five-year period.

The government also awarded $2 million to SolarPower in 2014 for a solar- power station in Alabama, but the site is in Alabama’s northwest.

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