How planets work in a solar system video

How planets work in a solar system video

Solar system video: What’s the best way to explore a planet in your solar system?

Star charts: The planets that are most similar to each other in the solar system.

How many moons are there?

The planets of our solar system orbit around a sun.

What are the best places to visit?

Learn about planets around other stars and other stars in the universe.

What do planets look like in the sky?

Explore a solar planet with the help of our interactive map.

Where do planets live?

Explore the different planets in the Solar System with the aid of the interactive map, and learn more about the various types of planets.

How do planets change as they orbit the sun?

Learn more about changes in the orbits of planets as they pass in front of the sun and as they move across the sky.

Why do planets have atmospheres?

Learn what makes each planet unique.

What’s an atmosphere like in a planet?

How does an atmosphere form?

What’s a planet made of?

Learn all about planets.

What is the most common type of planet?

Learn why there are so many different types of planet types.

What planet types are there, and why are there so many?

Explore all the planets that we know about in our Solar System, and more.

Learn about how solar systems work and what happens when planets collide.

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