What’s going on with the new ‘diy solar’ solar system

What’s going on with the new ‘diy solar’ solar system

By Steve Bissett | 09 April 2017 07:57:31A little over a year ago, a video appeared on YouTube which claimed to show the construction of a new solar system called Diy.

The video has since been taken down, but you can still see a version that includes the video and an accompanying image that appears to show what it says is a massive star that could be a massive planet orbiting the Sun.

The original video was uploaded on April 1, 2017 and it claimed that the star, which appears to be glowing blue, was the “planet of the future”.

In the video, the narrator says: “We have been watching the stars evolve over the years and now, with Diy, we have a glimpse into what’s to come.”

He goes on to say: “I believe we will see an incredible new star formation system, which we are calling Diy.”

The video was made by an account called ‘Planet Diy’ that was created by the creator of ‘Planet Solar’ who goes by the name ‘Dr.

Dey’ and uses a variety of different Twitter handles.

The account has also claimed that it is the “real” Planet Diy and that the solar system it is describing is not real.

“Planet Diya is the real Diy,” the account tweeted in late April 2017.

“We’re just a bunch of people trying to live our dream.”

In the tweet, Dr.

Drey goes on: “The universe has given us the stars we love, and now we’re trying to find a way to bring the stars back to life.”

However, a few days later, the ‘Planet’ account deleted the video.

The latest claim is based on a number of other video releases, including an article by ‘Planet Sol’ on YouTube.

The article claims to show “the first step of a solar system’s evolution”.

In that video, a group of scientists say that the Sun is rotating around the centre of the Earth at about 1.8 kilometres per second, which would suggest a solar wind.

The Sun is known to be spinning at a much faster rate, and the motion of the Sun around the Earth is one of the biggest forces in the solar wind, according to the Solar System Exploration Team, or Solar System Watch.

The group is also the official channel for the Solar Wind Observatory, which is based at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

In the article, the scientists are also quick to note that there are several “new and exciting” planets in the system, with a number that they claim are “not yet confirmed”.

In particular, they say that an unidentified planet orbits a Sun-like star.

They go on to claim that one of these is called “Asteroids 6C”.

The article also claims that there is a planet called “Kuiper Belt B” that is “part of a giant star system”.

The group claims that another object is called a “Planet X”, and that there could be another, unnamed planet in the “Kerberos Belt” that orbits a planet “at least as large as the Earth”.

There are also other claims, such as one that claims there is an “Aurora” in the Solar system that is about 30 times the mass of Earth.

The ‘Planet-Diy’ account has made some changes to its Twitter account since the videos were taken down.

In one video, it said that it was “working to get the new video to show on the video feed” but in another it claimed: “It’s been down for about a week.

I don’t have any idea why.”

In a second video, titled ‘Planet of the Future’, the account claimed to have “finally confirmed” that the “Planet Solar” video was the real deal.

In a third video, entitled ‘Planet X’, the claim was: “Planet Diyah is the Diya solar system.”

In each of the videos, the claim said that “the Sun’s rotation has changed so much that it looks like there is no sun”.

It said that a solar storm had taken place.

“Solar storm” was a phrase that appeared in the book The Book of Revelations.

The title of the book itself is “The Revelation of Revelations”.

The authors of the books said that the Bible was inspired by a story told by Joseph of Arimathea, a Hebrew prophet.

Joseph of Arimphe, or ‘Joseph the Seer’, said that his followers had been able to predict the future.

According to the New Testament, the Book of Revelation, which has been translated into English, is the only book in the Bible that the Jews could read.

“In the Book you will see that there was an angel who saw Jesus coming to judgment, and a cloud covered the earth,” the Book’s author, Matthew chapter 22, reads.

“And the angel of the Lord appeared to him and said to him, ‘Come in, you who are prepared.'”The cloud

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