What to know about the latest news from the Solar System vs Galaxy contest

What to know about the latest news from the Solar System vs Galaxy contest

Solar System VS Galaxy competition has become the biggest event in the Solar system, and it’s just getting started!

We’ve got a ton of great news from around the solar system, but here are some highlights to help get you started:*The winner will receive a solar system kits, including the latest and greatest solar system models, as well as a galaxy model and a supercomputer for a total of $100,000*The winners will receive two sets of a solar model of a galaxy, plus the latest galaxy model*A set of solar models for the galaxy models we announced in January*The finalists will be announced on April 14th.

The winners will be chosen by a panel of expert astrophysicists.

We will announce their final choice at the Solar Event in May.*A brand new edition of the Solar Modeling Handbook, complete with an updated tutorial and plenty of sample models*A $100k solar system or galaxy kit, plus an awesome prize: the Solar Star, a fully operational 3D model of the galaxy in the process of becoming an astrophysical object!*The Solar Modeler will give away $50,000 in prizes, including a set of our Solar Modelers Supercomputer for the Solar Space Museum*A special edition of Solar Modelings will be sold for $10,000, and a new edition will be made available for $25,000 on May 4th.*If you’re a fan of astronomy, you should check out the Solar Encounter in May, where you’ll get the chance to see the latest models and take part in our astrophysical contests.*Stay tuned for more exciting news as it becomes available.

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