A solar system video showing our solar system’s spiral arms (and why we should care)

A solar system video showing our solar system’s spiral arms (and why we should care)

Solar system videos aren’t just for astronomy nerds.

NASA recently released a video showing us the solar system in all its glory.

Here’s a look at some of the coolest, most striking, and most awesome features of the solar neighborhood.1.

The Solar System’s Spiral ArmsThe solar system has four major arms that extend from the sun, each with their own unique configuration.

The most notable is the heliopause, which spans the equator and the poles.

Its location is a bit arbitrary—if we look at the solar equator at its widest point, the heliport is about a third of the way across the planet.

This is because the helipses of both the sun and the planets rotate, so their orbits are aligned with each other.

But the solar helipsis is only a few degrees wide, so the heliospheric plane is slightly curved.

At the other end of the equatorial plane, we have the plane of the rings, which is roughly twice the diameter of the sun.

At its narrowest point, you can see the helical axis of the heliosynchronous ring system, which consists of the two largest spiral arms.2.

The Sun’s SpinThe sun spins like a whirling ball, with its center of mass centered at its center, the sun’s core.

But because the sun has four solar rotational axes (the north, south, east, and west), the center of the rotation is not always the same.

When the sun is in a zodiacal alignment, its axis will be the north pole of the zodiac.

This will allow the sun to spin on the same axis as the moon.3.

The Moon’s Polar RegionsWhen we look up at the moon, its surface turns toward us, like a rotating globe.

The sun and moon are aligned in a manner similar to the planets, which are often tilted away from us at their equator.

But when the sun comes out of its zodiacally aligned equatorial orbit, the moon’s axis moves toward us.

This movement is the polar region, which means that the sun spins faster at the poles than at the equators.

The result is that the moon is always in the southern hemisphere, while the sun always rises in the northern hemisphere.4.

The Great Red Spot: The Moon and the SunThe Great Red spot is the second largest object in the solar sky, just behind the sun itself.

Its center is in the constellation Gemini, and it’s located on the plane known as the equinox.

The shape of the Great Red spots polar regions can be used to predict its position, as seen from Earth.5.

The Orion NebulaThe Orion Nebula is the third brightest star in the night sky.

Its bright point is about two thousand light-years from Earth in the direction of Sagittarius, the sign of Pisces.

The stars in the Orion Nebula are called nebulae, because they contain a lot of material.

Astronomers call them nebulas because they look like fuzzy, bright disks.

This allows them to be seen from telescopes all over the world.6.

The Small Magellanic CloudThe Milky Way is the largest galaxy in the universe, stretching far beyond our galaxy.

The Milky Way has many large galaxies, including Andromeda and Messier 83.

In the center is a massive star, M31, which has a radius of about 50 million kilometers.

Andromeda is the closest galaxy to our own, and Messiness 83 lies just below the galactic center.

The distance between the two galaxies is a mere 4.5 billion light-year, or roughly three-and-a-half billion light years.7.

The Virgo ClusterThe Virgo cluster is one of the most common groups of galaxies in the Milky Way.

It includes two galaxies, M81 and M82, and many small, red dwarf stars.

The M82 galaxy contains more than 2 billion stars.

M81 is a relatively young galaxy, about 4 billion years old.

Its stars are so young that the Virgo clusters first appeared when the stars were only about a billion years older.8.

The Andromeda GalaxyThe Andromeda galaxy is a cluster of galaxies known as Sagittarians.

The Sagittarian cluster is an immense spiral galaxy that has about 50 billion stars and orbits a red dwarf star.

In addition to M81, it contains M82 and a few other smaller galaxies.9.

The Cygnus Cygni galaxyThis is a giant, elliptical galaxy, which can be seen in the distance in the middle of the Milky Ways spiral arm.

The spiral arm is about 5,000 light-hours in diameter.

The arm is so massive that it takes about 100 times as much space to make up the arm as the galaxy itself.

The arms are connected by a network of rings that encircle

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