How to build your own solar power plant using 3D printed parts

How to build your own solar power plant using 3D printed parts

How to Build a Solar Power Plant Using 3D Printed Parts 1.

Preheat your oven and microwave.


In a pan or skillet, melt a few tablespoons of oil on medium heat.


Add some of the hot oil to the pan and fry for a few minutes.


Add the remaining hot oil and fry until the oil is golden brown.


Add a few drops of baking soda and mix it up. 6.

Pour the melted oil into the pan.


Add about half the aluminum foil, cover the pan with the foil, and put in the oven.


In the morning, flip the pan upside down and add a few more drops of oil.


Pour out a few pints of the melted melted oil and fill a glass jar with the melted water.


Put the jar in the refrigerator to cool completely before pouring the remaining oil into it. 11.

Put a few rocks in the jar and pour out the remaining water.


After 30 minutes, turn the jar upside down again and pour the remaining liquid into it, covering the jar with a couple of inches of the water.


Pour it out and cover the jar again with the water and lid.


In 30 minutes the jar should be filled with about 10 pints.


Pour about a quarter of the liquid into the jar, cover it with the lid, and keep it at room temperature.


After 2-3 weeks, you can test the water in the bottle.

If the liquid is clear, it’s probably water from the stovetop or the pan you poured out.

If it’s cloudy, it may have come from the pan or from the burner.


Take it to your local solar panel installers and get your own power.


After a few years of testing, you’ll probably have an industrial-grade solar power station that is very reliable.


It may take a few months to get the solar power out of your garage.


You may have to buy a new one, too.

Source: SolarPowerNow

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