What is the solar system? | Elon Musk says solar system has no aliens

What is the solar system? | Elon Musk says solar system has no aliens

Elon Musk said the solar systems solar system is just a bunch of planets orbiting each other and “they are all a lot of fun.”

“I think it’s cool that they have the space for the exploration and the development of the exploration, development of what we can do in the solar universe,” Musk said during an interview with The Hill.

“It’s a fun system.”

Musk also said the “space” is just an imaginary place that is part of the universe.

“That’s just a way to put it,” Musk added.

“We’re not going to go anywhere else, and we’re going to continue to go wherever there is a need for us.”

Musking said the idea that the solar planets are all made up of the same substance was just a joke.

“I was thinking about that, and then I thought, well, maybe it is,” Musk joked.

Musking also said he didn’t want to see aliens.

“No aliens.

It’s just kind of a silly idea, and it’s a joke,” Musk explained.

“And it’s very sad.”

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