‘Solar System tattoo’ is a solar system tattoo!

‘Solar System tattoo’ is a solar system tattoo!

A tattoo that has been described as a ‘Solar system tattoo’ has made headlines for its intricate, intricate designs.

The tattoo was found on the body of a woman who died in 2007.

The sun was painted onto the inside of her torso, and she was in her 60s when she died, reports The Daily Star.

It is thought to have been the work of a tattoo artist who was looking for a ‘perfect skin tone’.

The artist, whose name has not been released, had the tattoo removed.

She had a small tattoo of the word ‘solar’ tattooed on her upper back, as well as a large tattoo of a star on her left hand.

The artist said that he painted the stars to show that she was ‘a member of the solar system’.

He said: ‘I wanted to say ‘Hello, world, and I hope you are well’.’

It was very simple, but it’s the same as a tattoo.’

He added that the tattoos could also be a representation of the universe.

He said that the artist was ‘very well known in India’, adding: ‘The tattoo artist has a lot of followers, so we thought it would be very good to show the world what he did.’

The tattoo has become a global phenomenon.

A number of countries, including India, Pakistan and the United Kingdom, have adopted the solar tattooing trend.

In September last year, an Indian woman’s body was found to have an intricate tattoo of solar panels, and her death was attributed to a viral infection.

Her family said the tattoo was part of a ‘sunny’ life for her, and the sun had been painted on her body to give her a ‘sun lover’s vibe’.

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