‘Ascension to Mars’: Space Station gets bigger, taller and bigger

‘Ascension to Mars’: Space Station gets bigger, taller and bigger

NASA is looking to send a crew to the Red Planet, but that’s not exactly the kind of thing that will get everyone pumped about going to Mars.

The Space Station is being redesigned, and the design will allow it to be taller, heavier and more powerful than ever before, according to NASA.

The space agency says that the new design will make it easier for astronauts to move about the station.

But even though it’s a bit more space-friendly than its predecessors, it still won’t be as large as the ISS or the shuttle, which have both grown by more than 50 feet over the past two decades.

This isn’t to say that the Space Station won’t need some major upgrades.

The agency says the station’s new structure will be significantly larger than it was before.

But, as we all know, a lot of the space station’s weight is tied to the large, solid, robotic arm that’s strapped to the bottom of the vehicle.

The new design won’t change that, the space agency said.

Instead, it will be more efficient and will allow for more maneuvering and improved performance, the agency said in a statement.

NASA plans to put the new station up for public viewing in 2018, with the goal of allowing up to 20 people on the station at a time.

But that’s still not exactly where NASA wants to go.

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